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May 7, 2019

Raised in the Appalachian hills of southeastern Kentucky, Jason Sizemore is a three-time Hugo Award-nominated editor, writer, and publisher who operates the genre press Apex Publications. He is the author of a collection of dark science fiction and horror shorts titled Irredeemable and the tell-all creative nonfiction For Exposure: The Life and Times of a Small Press Publisher. He currently lives in Lexington, KY. For more information visit www.jason-sizemore.com. You can find him on Twitter @apexjason.

You are reading the last issue of Apex Magazine. For reasons to do with family, personal health, and finances, I’ve decided now is a good time to place the zine on hiatus.

I know this comes as a surprise to many. The zine has had a great run. It operates in the black. Our profile is high.

And, yet …

My health issues have slowed me down a lot in the last five months. The Apex team and I are finding ourselves falling further and further behind on everything: payments, book releases, submissions, and all the important aspects of running a publishing business. The only solution was to scale back how much work we were doing.

Either the book side or the magazine side had to be put on hiatus. The books have a much higher income ceiling, so the difficult choice to put the zine on hiatus was made.

I’m heartbroken about the decision. Doing the zine has been a source of great joy in my life. I can sincerely see myself deciding to start another run of the zine a few years down the road as I enjoy it that much.

I harbor much gratitude to my current team: Lesley Conner, Jane Clark, Hannah Ruth Krieger, Maurice Broaddus, Cristina Jurado, Russ Dickerson, KT Bryski, and Andrea Johnson.

Big thanks to old-school former team members like Gill Ainsworth, Maggie Slater, Sarah Olsen, and McKenzie Johnston.

Much love to the hardworking slush readers that have helped the zine find amazing fiction.

A nod of appreciation to the previous editor-in-chiefs who helped make Apex Magazine great: Catherynne M. Valente, Lynne M. Thomas, and Sigrid Ellis.

I’ll miss the zine. We did some good work.

I’m proud of us.

* * *

This special issue, focusing on Afrofuturism and guest-edited by Maurice Broaddus, is a perfect example of the type of good work I’m proud of bringing to the world. I think it’s about as strong of an issue we could hope to offer our readers as a good-bye.

Enjoy the issue.

Until next time …

© Apex Magazine


  1. Lydia

    Thank you for everything you’ve done. I wish you the best.

  2. Andrew

    Appreciate all of your hard work. Truly enjoyed what you and your team created! Thank you, and my best wishes for your future!

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