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March 7, 2017

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Welcome to issue 94!

The largest part of our original fiction this month is the novelette (10,100 words) “Luminaria” by John Hornor Jacobs. We originally bought the story as a reward tier for supporting our Fall subscription drive. Unfortunately, it wasn’t unlocked for our double issue in January because we cut that drive short (otherwise I’m certain we would have hit all our goals and the story would have already been published). So what do we do with it? We couldn’t not publish “Luminaria”—it’s fantastic, we needed to share it with you! Eventually we decided to include it in this issue, a promised reward given a little late due to unmet goals.

Later this month we’re also bringing back the drive, giving ourselves another shot to raise the money we need to expand and improve the zine for our fans and readers. Starting March 27th and running through April 17th, you’ll be able to buy discounted subscriptions, cheap (but great) coffee, and force Lesley Conner to watch It Follows. Make sure you stop by and take part in all the fun!

Speaking of John Hornor Jacobs, I wanted to share that John also has a story in this month’s Playboy. This is one of those situations where you’ll buy Playboy for the articles … though (not?) coincidentally they’re also bringing back nudity in the same issue. Publication in Playboy is one of those “dream” opportunities for writers. It is arguably the top of the mountain when it comes to genre short fiction—the land of Stephen King, Margaret Atwood, and Haruki Murikami.

I’ve known John since I got into the business of editing, publishing, and writing. He’s one of the good guys, and I’m glad to see his hard work and persistence pay off. Most people even spell his name correctly nowadays! So enjoy “Luminaria” here in Apex Magazine and then run out and pick up a copy of Playboy to read his story in there as well. Both stories are bound to be worth your time and attention.

Mary Elizabeth Burroughs has our other piece of original fiction in this issue. Mary’s no slouch herself, with work appearing in Black Static and the Aqueduct Press anthology Bloodchildren: Stories by the Octavia E. Butler Scholars. “Waste” is a one of my favorite brands of genre fiction: a harsh story told through the eyes of an innocent. It works hand-in-hand with ecological tales by Atwood and Bacigalupi.

Veteran scribe Ken MacLeod provides our reprint with his rather famous story “Jesus Christ, Reanimator.” The opening line should give you an idea of what you’re jumping into: “The Second Coming was something of a washout, if you remember.”

In nonfiction, Andrea Johnson interviews John Hornor Jacobs about “Luminaria,” new writing projects, and more. Russell Dickerson interviews artist Caroline Jamhour, discussing mythology, influences, and the reaction some people have to nudity in artwork. Caroline provides the beautiful artwork adorning our cover.

Finally, we unveil a new quarterly featured called “Books Worth Your Time.” The Apex editing team shares some of their favorite recent reads, possibly helping you select your next read.


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