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October 4, 2016

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Welcome to issue 89 of Apex Magazine. It is October, a favorite month for many of our readers: changing seasons, falling leaves, the potential of supernatural evil on October 31st, and most importantly the return of PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE! After you spend your money subscribing to Apex Magazine, I need you to go to your favorite coffee shop and order yourself an extra-large cup of this glorious caffeinated and sugar filled miracle of fall.

Ahem, where was I? Oh right, issue 89.

While nefarious ghosts and ghouls might decide to leave you be this Halloween, Apex has three dark stories that will add some chill to your nighttime reading.

We welcome Kristi DeMeester to the pages of Apex Magazine with “Damnatio Ad Beastias.” This is a visceral piece that explores addiction, need, and the lycanthropic mythos in a new and heartbreaking way. “Pagpag” brings Samuel Marzioli back into our pages with another story full of ghosts and loss. Marzioli blends his wonderful writing technique with his own cultural background to create a story that is memorable and unique. Adam Robert’s “Zayinim” is a fine example of that most dreaded (and elusive) of things: a quality zombie tale. It makes for the perfect reprint for this creature feature issue.

Our poetry this month comes from Allie Nelson (“American Dreams”), Gary Every (“Winged Beings of the Necropolis”), and Andrew Gilstrap (“Starfields”).

Andrea Johnson interviews Kristi DeMeester about “Damnatio Ad Beastias,” among other topics. Russell Dickerson talks with cover artist Denis Corvus. Finally, Betsy Phillips has a feature on the upcoming film Somnio, delving deep into the movie’s intention with an interview with writer/director Travis Milloy.

Our podcast fiction this month is “Damnatio Ad Beastias.” Be sure to listen!

Until November …

Jason Sizemore

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