Words for Thought

Join Words for Thought reviewer A.C. Wise each month as she examines works that speak to each other through theme or tone.

Stories about the mixed emotions of hope and despair.

#35 April, 2019

Stories about longing.

#34 March, 2019

Stories about love, romance, and other breeds of relationships.

#33 February, 2019

Stories about complicated family relationships.

#32 January, 2019

Stories about family and new beginnings.

#31 December, 2018

Stories about transformation.

#30 November, 2018

Focusing on small moments of great importance.

#29 October, 2018

Speaking volumes without words.

#28 September, 2018

Stories focused on ghosts, memories, artificial intelligence, and other forms of consciousness.

#27 August, 2018

Stories focused on family—found family, birth family, blood family, and family by choice.

#26 July, 2018

Stories focused on ghosts, monsters, and the undead.

#25 June, 2018

Themes of water in short fiction.

#24 May, 2018

Revolution, upheaval, and change.

#23 April, 2018

Death, loss, and grief.

#22 March, 2018

Bodies--How they are viewed, how they are treated, their autonomy, and the ways in which we relate to other people’s bodies and our own.

#21 February, 2018

Worlds intersecting, liminal spaces, and people who are in one way or another caught in-between

#20 January, 2018

Some outstanding stories from 2017

#19 December, 2017

New beginnings and seconds chances

#18 November, 2017

Stories of loneliness and isolation, but stories that offer hope, as well

#17 October, 2017

Uneasy and haunting tales about hidden things being revealed that stick with you long after you finish reading them

#16 September, 2017

Assumptions, perceptions, and characters who are more than they seem beneath the surface of their skin

#15 August, 2017

Isolation, people cut off from society and humanity

#14 July, 2017

Families by choice, and families by blood – losing them, finding them, and trying to understand them

#13 June, 2017

New worlds, new modes of existence, and shifting to new ways of thinking after encountering the unknown

#12 May, 2017

The cycle of death and rebirth, new life emerging from the blanket of winter

#11 April, 2017

#10 March, 2017

Tension between the self and the other, suspicion, distrust, but also healing and hope

#9 February, 2017

Humanity and nature

#8 January, 2017

Power and resistance

#7 December, 2016

Self and the struggle within

#6 November, 2016

Places we call home

#5 October, 2016

Life beyond death

#4 September, 2016

Water, transformation, and family

#3 August, 2016

Death, loss, and memory

#2 July, 2016

Destiny and disguises

#1 June, 2016

Flying, falling, jumping, and staying aloft, as well as the uses and abuses of bodies, consumption, what remains hidden, and what people choose not to see.