April 4, 2017


LH Moore's stories, poetry and essays have appeared in numerous anthologies and publications such as FIYAH and Fireside. A historian who loves playing video games and classical guitar, you can find her online at lhmoorecreative.com or on Twitter @ElleHM.
Fallen among the stars
The light comes and I
Raise myself to it in welcome
A supplicant
My voice no longer my own.

I hear the howls of the Things-That-Are
Their maws snap and lunge
Vicious in anticipation
Looming near.

He steps forward, weapon drawn
I hold out my hand to him
To them
And they fall
From my whisper “Not now.”

I kneel beside his body prone
Lifeless eyes
A fallen sword
Among silent beasts
I stand.

I have come to claim
My own
My self
We are won.

© LH Moore


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