The Dissection

September 1, 2015


Christina Sng is a Rhysling-nominated poet, writer, and artist. Her work has received Honorable Mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, and has appeared in numerous venues including Apex Magazine, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, New Myths, and Space and Time. She is the author of several chapbooks and two full-length collections, both slated for late 2016. Visit her at

We won the war
Against the invaders.
By accident, of course.

Now several million carcasses
Of the mile-long alien jellyfish
Lie scattered all over the world.

Scientists flocked to study them,
Setting up camps around
The perimeter of the creatures’ bodies.

We discovered their luminous shells
Could turn hard as titanium
With exposure to enough radiation.

Another specimen slammed shut
Like a clam, air tight.
A vacuum seal.

They’d evolved, reengineered
Their own bodies as spaceships,
Immune to radiation.

We should have expected
Weaponry as well.
The first cut into their flesh

With the diamond drill
Released a putrid gas,
Lulling us all to sleep

While converting
Earth’s air
To pure methane.

The remainder of us,
Deep underground in bunkers
Watched as the next fleet descended,

Retrieving the bodies of the Trojans,
Who had already terraformed our Earth
Into their own.

© Christina Sng

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  1. Lydia

    I love this poem. Nice job!

    • Christina Sng

      Thank you, Lydia!

  2. John Reinhart

    beautiful line
    and a captivating
    Trojan reference

    exquisitely woven

    • Christina Sng

      Thank you, John!

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