The Apex 500 – Week 1 of 52

October 21, 2021

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Greetings denizens!

We picked up the equivalent of six subscribers in the past week. So our meter number is 6/500. That’s 1.2% of what we need in 51 weeks so we get to fill our alien head meter a little bit!

1.2% toward our goal

We use our alien head as a measure of how we’re doing toward our goal. When the alien head is completely black, we have hit our goal.

The goal of The Apex 500 is so that we won’t have to run an annual Kickstarter to fund the zine.

Subscriptions aren’t the only things that fill the meter. If someone makes an ad buy for $250, that’s approximately 24 subscriptions, so the meter will go up accordingly. If someone purchases five issues at $4.99 each (for $24.95), that will count as a subscription. And so on.

Want to help fill the meter? Here are some ways to feed the alien head.

We’ll update the alien-o-meter each week to let you know how the Apex 500 is coming along!


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