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Interview with Loika

For our February issue, Apex Magazine features a bright and beautiful cover from artist Loika. Otherwise known as Yan Qin Weng, Loika discussed her cover piece and her portfolio of colorful works with Apex.

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A Revolution of One

I protected our country while you were sleeping.

You voted every week on who should win American Idol, frantically trying to insure that your favorite candidate would go on to the next round—yet you couldn’t be bothered to go to the polling booth every few years to cast a similar vote for who should represent you in the House and the Senate.

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The Best Little Cleaning Robot in All of Faerie

When everybody on the bridge of the interstellar mercenary cruiser Zinnia fell into a magic sleep, I was busy using my scrubber attachments to attack the usual stains under the captain’s chair. There was a sudden series of thuds, and I noticed that everyone had either slumped over in their chairs or fallen to the floor.

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