Tag: issue 66

Whispering Waters

It’s not real.

It took a whole week to convince yourself, a week to drown out the whispers from the dripping sink and the coffee machine. Your steaming mug isn’t talking to you, honest.

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Stone Woman

When you cut into a stone, do you know what it does to me? I’m part stone, you see, and part emotional memory, I am a banshee, a woman who was hung from a tree, because my husband was fucking another woman and I tried to kill him—

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Interview with Ginger Weil

Here at Apex Magazine, we pride ourselves on finding shining new voices in genre fiction. From the smoothness of Ginger Weil’s “The Stagman’s Song,” you would never guess this is her first fiction sale. With imagery pulled from her childhood, Weil has woven an eerie tale of hunting, of isolation, of family curses, and of escaping the trappings (literally) of living on the mountain.

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The Stagman’s Song

Susan poured tea and focused on kitchen sounds: the splash of water in her mug, the clack of spoon against ceramic. They didn’t mute her mother’s restless pacing, or the rattle of her uncle sorting jars in the basement. Too many of the jars were empty.

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The New Girl

Badger had followed her dreams to the water’s edge, one day at a time spooling out in front of her as though it was meant to be when in fact it was only dreamed of. Then she was stuck, stymied, as her dreams only showed the water’s edge, nothing more, for days, and her food began to run out.

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