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Jupiter and Gentian

Gen walked on the endless, oscillating sea of liquid metal hydrogen and tried, tried to keep her consciousness together. The knight who followed her into the atmosphere, swam through the outer sea of hydrogen with her, he was here too. His armor defied the pressure, his banner defied the heat, and his hands, deep within the boiling, rolling mass of Jupiter. He stood beside a tree that constantly remade itself as it burned and crumpled.

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Interview with John Moran

John Moran’s short fiction has been published in Escape Pod, Penumbra, and Nature. He spent some time owning an art gallery, which was perhaps one of the many inspirations of “The Sandbirds of Mirelle,” which Apex Magazine is thrilled to present this month.

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The Sandbirds of Mirelle

This is my truth:

In the autumn of 2309 I crossed from one lonely star to another and took a tour to the sandbird tracks of Mirelle. The only other passengers were a married couple, and our guide was a priest in training.

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Clavis Aurea: A Review of Short Fiction

I am of the opinion that Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago is the greatest post–apocalyptic novel ever written. It has everything: the collapse of a great empire, a world–spanning war, an apocalyptic winter, a gritty civil war, ruined cities, post–industrial scrounging, wilderness survivalism, and even cannibalism.

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Sister of Mercy

Morning, and the frost was thick on ferns already yellow with the changing season. The sun broke from the horizon, thin light stirring the dying insects to crawl for one more day. I pushed the scratchy woolen blankets off my body and stood, shivering, from the bed I made in the meadow.

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Ten Days’ Grace

Julia Kettan first knew her husband was dead when she looked out the window and saw a car emblazoned with the crest of the Bureau of Family Affairs pull up in the driveway. Her legs went weak, though whether from relief or fear she couldn’t tell.

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