Tag: issue 61

The Faery Handbag

I used to go to thrift stores with my friends. We’d take the train into Boston, and go to The Garment District, which is this huge vintage clothing warehouse. Everything is arranged by color, and somehow that makes all of the clothes beautiful.

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Interview with Eden Robins

Eden Robins’ short fiction has been published in or is forthcoming in Shimmer, Kaleidotrope, M-Brane SF, and the M-Brane SF GLTBQ anthology Things We Are Not. In 2009, Eden co-founded Brain Harvest Magazine along with three of her fellow Clarion West graduates.

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The Salt Path

At first the others didn’t trust Ilahi because he’d never killed anyone. But he could find things. This had been his job with their unit, finding the enemy, finding supplies, finding… anything.

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Soul of Soup Bones

Finding Drevený came first. An unrecorded town on the border of Slovakia—outgrown, emptied and overgrown since 1523—it knew no maps. Adrienne located its remnants just the same; wild roses, a crust of scattered masonry in a pitted field, bomb-broken from an old war.

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Cape to Cairo

Of all the things Alice is good at, she is the best at leaving. Jobs, lovers, apartments, things when they get difficult. There is not enough time in life, she thinks, for living and for trying to fix things that can’t be fixed.

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