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Tag: issue 6

59 Beads

Air limousines floated by like ghosts in a night filled with a jangle of sounds. A mad juxtaposition of chords, wailing voices and crooned-out tunes mangled by the sound of honking horns, curses and the cries of the desperate filled the dark streets.

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They’re waiting for him when he comes out of the tank. Whether plainclothes or just another pair of clockers, he can’t quite tell, but the way they avoid looking in his direction tips him off in a heartbeat. When Ari Marvel walks by, you look.

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All the Wonder in the World

It began, the way these things usually do, with a rain of frogs.

The frogs made a sound like wet pebbles as they hit the old copper roof of his shack; Ibrahim the alte-zachen man sat outside in the shade of the fig tree and watched out over Haifa’s harbour.

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