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Interview with Kelly Link

Among today’s short story authors, the name Kelly Link stands out as one of the masters of craft, creativity, and literary beauty. Her work has appeared across dozens of venues, such as Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine, Lightspeed Magazine, and Asimov’s Science Fiction and has garnered three Nebula Awards, a Hugo Award, and a World Fantasy Award.

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Interview with Sarah Monette

An expert in 17th century literature and a dedicated book collector, Sarah Monette is also the author of several dozen fantasy and horror short stories, many of which have appeared in Year’s Best anthologies, The Doctrine of Labyrinths fantasy series (beginning with Mélusine), two fiction collections, and the Iskryne World series (beginning with A Companion to Wolves), co–authored with Elizabeth Bear.

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Role for Damage

Let’s talk about Strong Female Characters. If you write or read (or watch or produce or edit or otherwise interface with) entertainment featuring lady protagonists, you have probably talked about those three little words quite a lot. Maybe you are talking about them right now, even.

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