Tag: issue 48

Come to My Arms, My Beamish Boy

Most of what was left came to him second hand; imprints of stories he had told a thousand times about memories he used to have, memorized monologues about a life for which he had no context. Copies of copies. But he still had a few pure memories. These, the last original prints, played over and over again. The cold Professor Eisley and what he turned into. Maybe what he’d been from the beginning.

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The Binding of Ming-tian


Hush, little baby, little kumquat, little bird. Ming–tian is sleeping. She has pruned the bitter melon vines and swept the porch while dancing with a broom. She has chased away the good luck fishes in the pond, where she has lost her shoe.

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Ilse, Who Saw Clearly

Once, among the indigo mountains of Germany, there was a kingdom of blue-eyed men and women whose blood was tinged blue with cold. The citizens were skilled in clockwork, escapements, and piano manufacture, and the clocks and pianos of that country were famous throughout the world.

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Words from the Publisher

Over the weekend of April 5th – April 7th, I was the publisher guest of honor at the annual Conglomeration media convention held in Louisville, Kentucky. I had a great time, of course. Who wouldn’t enjoy being toted around on a sedan chair by a group of like-minded geeks?

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