issue 32

So Glad We Had This Time Together

JB: I’m submitting my resignation, effective immediately. * I can hear the distant hum of the building’s heart, the slow steps of a janitor cleaning its chambers with wafts of pine and ammonia, strong and harsh. I’ll track him down and kill him when I finish.
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Sweetheart Showdown

The first skin graft wasn’t so bad. I came to under bright spotlights, watching Ma-lee’s tight face fade in and out of focus and catching vague blurs of pink lips. A morphine-induced merge of metal and skin nodding approvingly down at me in the hospital bed.
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The Prowl

Sure, I know what you want to hear about. You want to hear about the Civil War. I’ve already been interviewed, and that’s all anybody wants recollected. Yes, I know, I do look too young to have seen it.
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Writing About Rape

So you’ve decided to add a rape scene to your story. After all, you’re writing a horror story, and what’s more horrific than rape?
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