Tag: Issue 28

And Cut Down a Moment Later

By Erik Amundsen Light creep down the stairs, each day, a different plan of attack each angle a different disposition the great face plate of the sun, a golden shield, but beneath it, beautiful robes that you never see. And in...

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The Improbable, Inevitable Domestication of the Great Old Ones: HP Lovecraft’s Iconic Influence on 21st-Century Fantastic Literature and Culture

In his introduction to The Strange Sound of Cthulhu: Music Inspired by the Writings of H. P. Lovecraft, S.T. Joshi proclaimed that “[i]t is a tribute to H.P. Lovecraft’s universal appeal that he can elicit praise” and attention from a wide range of sources. “Clearly, different readers draw different types of nourishment from Lovecraft, and this diversity appeal [sic] augurs well for his survival….”

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The call came mid-sun. It was like a bell, or a chime, something Gemphalon had never heard before. He put down the piece of slate he’d chosen for the roof of his house and looked east.

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She’s sitting behind the wheel of that old white F-150. She’s got that Mexican blanket thrown over the vinyl seat, so you can bear to sit on it in this heat. She tells me she has never driven stick before.

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Namasté Prime

New Ishvara, as a designated party city, maintained its celebrated image by making the streets dance 24/7. Tether slid easily through constricted masses of dancers glutting Nysta Street, his hands floating belt-high to brush knuckles lightly on the people he passed.

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