Tag: Issue 23

Thirteen Principles of Faith

by Rose Lemberg (1) Exalted be the Living G-d and praised, He exists – unbounded by time is His existence. time has collapsed into a pearl six million lifetimes pressed into my heart – and ground to ashes there, where time...

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Biba Jibun

Every night as I sleep on my futon, I dream that I’m a rabbit, running on a river of moonlight. My fur is white, my legs strong and swift, and I’m going to see Mama.

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The Eater

The Eater knows things the rest of our tribe can never know.


On the village common, in the humidity and blazing sun, all the people of my tribe not occupied with sheltering or feeding us assemble to hear and repeat the day’s teaching–a new litany of words. Those present will teach those who are not, and our world will grow.

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