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Tag: issue 19

At the Core

Fat, red, the grocer’s sticker still adhered to its egg-smooth skin; it rested on top of some other fruits in a tattered basket whose stained wicker unwound itself and broke with a snapping sound when touched. There was always a bright, delicious apple in among the Bartlett pears, the purple plums, the fur-covered peaches.

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Pale, and from a Sea-Wave Rising

Aquilo Vickery Makepeace, anatomy student, was looking for corpses when he found the undine.

It was late morning and blustery. The lighthouse at the end of narrow-necked Point Judith had been destroyed by the gale two days ago, and there she was in the wreckage, silt-drowned and weeping.

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Weeds rise from the roof. We live beneath an accidental garden. It got worse with the summer rains. The shingles grew moldy, and yellow stalks rooted and sucked at the tar, turning black as they drank it like little oil wells.

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