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Tur Disaala

If Tordesillas were Tur Disaala
And the ‘New World’ were Moorish
Would the yearning have been so tacit
for the treasures of an unknown empire
The sailing ships westward from Al-Ishbuna

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Kamer-taj, the Moon-horse

There was once a Padishah who one day found a little insect.

The Padishah called his lala and they both examined the tiny creature. What could it be? What could it feed on? Every day an animal was killed for its sustenance, and by thus living it grew and grew until it was as big as a cat.

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The Faithful Soldier, Prompted

If I die on this piece-of-shit road, Lubna’s chances die with me. Ali leveled his shotgun at the growling tiger. In the name of God, who needs no credit rating, let me live! Even when he’d been a soldier, Ali hadn’t been very religious. But facing death brought the old invocations to mind.

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