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By Robert Borski Ghost flesh sears easily, like the skin of xeroderms. This is why so few hauntings take place at noon. The sun is a scourge. Photons burn like acid. But when, as will happen up to four times a year, a new moon...

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By Lydia Ondrusek After the ground is burned and its black skeleton trees removed the machines scrape till it bleeds yesterday, worms rolling up to escape; the warm dark disturbed by needs no one understands, by dreams that...

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Going Woodo

By Colleen Kimsey Day 409 They told me When they came for me The man- His thumb, I bit it off He needed twenty-four stitches. Imagine that.   Day 387 My hands are calloused And senseless I run on all fleet fours as I Chase...

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Those Below

Say you’re lost in the hustle-bustle of the local farmer’s market in search of some shiny bibelot for your girlfriend, and you find your mother mouth-to-mouth with a man who isn’t your father. In fact, he’s nothing like your father.

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The hover bucked. Davis staggered. The propulsion fans roared. He swore.

He cut power to the fans and looked out the back window of the cabin. The towlines had gone slack and the skimmer tilted, half sunk in the viscous orange lake. “Shit,” he said.

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