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A Letter to Santa

December 17, 2015

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Melanie Rees is an environmental consultant whose work involves playing with soil and plants and animals. When she isn’t gallivanting in the mud or stuck up a tree she writes speculative fiction and poetry. Her work has appeared in magazines such as Apex, Aurealis, Penumbra, Cosmos, and Daily Science Fiction. In the real world, she lives in a straw house with a menagerie of animals in regional South Australia. Online she lives at www.flexirees.wordpress.com and on Twitter @FlexiRees.

Dear Santa,

Am I on your good list? Mum and Dad reckon I’ve been good, and brave. I did eat a chunk of Christmas pudding last year and blamed it on the dog, and I did puncture Timmy’s bike tyres after he called me “baldy”…but besides that, I have been good. Really truly, I have.

Mum says I should write a list of what I want for Christmas. We don’t have a chimney, but she says you can still deliver presents. If so, can you get inside my bubble? The walls are only plastic, but I don’t want you or the reindeer to get sick, especially Rudolf. He’s my favourite.

Anyway, I don’t want you to give me anything for Christmas. I want you to take away the:

—     ventilator

—     dialysis machine

—     plastic bubble

—     nanobots

Mum says the little robots got rid of the cancer, but now they’ve invaded and gone rogue. I think that means they’re attacking things inside me they aren’t meant to.

To be honest, the bubble isn’t that bad, but I miss Mum’s hugs and kicking the footy with Dad. I even miss playing with Timmy. Mum says the nanobots might spread to anything organic, so I have to stay here by myself.

I hope my letter reaches you, as the corner of the paper has become see-through. Paper isn’t organic…is it?

Please come. I’ll ask Mum to leave a carrot for Rudolf.

Your friend,


© Melanie Rees