Apex Magazine Issue 62

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Resolute by Sigrid Ellis

The Food in the Basement by Laura Davy
Blessed Are the Hungry by Victor Fernando R. Ocampo
Insurrection in Silk by Gillian Conahan
Courtship in the Country of Machine-Gods by Benjanun Sriduangkaew
Willow Pattern by Jon Singer (eBook/subscriber exclusive)

The Keys to the Realms: Book II of the Dream Stewards (Excerpt) by Roberta Trahan (eBook/subscriber exclusive)
The Enceladus Crisis: Book II of the Deadalus Series (Excerpt) by Michael J. Martinez (eBoo/subscriber exclusive)

Sentience is watching a sunset by Melanie Rees
The First Stone by Anne Carly Abad
Baba Yaga Tries to Donate Money by Rose Lemberg
Cairn by Dark by Cairn by Neile Graham

We Are Comics: A Visual Message for a Visual Medium by Rachel Edidin
Clavis Aurea: A Review of Short Fiction by Charlotte Ashley

Apex Author Interview with Victor Fernando R. Ocampo by Andrea Johnson
Apex Cover Artist Interview with Ashley Mackenzie by Loraine Sammy

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