Apex Magazine Issue 135


Apex Magazine Issue 135

Strange. Surreal. Shocking. Beautiful.

APEX MAGAZINE is a digital dark science fiction and fantasy genre zine that features award-winning short fiction, essays, and interviews. Established in 2009, our fiction has won several Hugo and Nebula Awards.

We publish every other month.

Issue 135 contains the following short stories, essays, reviews, and interviews.

Musings from Maryland by Lesley Conner

The Big Glass Box and the Boys Inside by Isabel J. Kim
Carnival Ever After by Mari Ness
The Immortal Game by Lindz McLeod
River Bargain Baby by K.S. Walker
Daughter, Mother, Charcoal by Akis Linardos
The Wreck of the Medusa by Jordan Kurella

Experimental Protocol for the Coronal Sectioning of a Human Soul by Sagan Yee
Walking the Deep Down by Michelle Denham

Message in a Vessel by V.G.Harrison
Your Rover is Here by LP Kindred

The Radical Nature of Slipstream Fiction by Eugen Bacon
What Underlies Our Conversations about Witches by Monica Valentinelli
Words for Thought: Short Fiction Review by AC Wise

Interview with Author Isabel J. Kim by Marissa van Uden
Interview with Author Akis Linardos by Marissa van Uden
Interview with Cover Artist Asya Yordanova by Bradley Powers