Apex Magazine Issue 134


Apex Magazine Issue 134

Strange. Surreal. Shocking. Beautiful.

APEX MAGAZINE is a digital dark science fiction and fantasy genre zine that features award-winning short fiction, essays, and interviews. Established in 2009, our fiction has won several Hugo and Nebula Awards.

We publish every other month.

Issue 134 contains the following short stories, essays, reviews, and interviews.

Musings from Maryland by Lesley Conner

The Walking Mirror of the Soul by Renan Bernardo
The Healer by Jennifer Marie Brissett
The Words by Clelia Farris (translated by Rachel Cordasco)
Observations of a Small Object in Decaying Orbit by Margaret Dunlap
Butirub by Samit Basu
Learning to Accept What’s to Come by Scott Edelman

The Satellite Charmer by Mame Bougouma Diene

The Line Between Science Fiction and Fantasy is Blurring, and I’m Into It by Joy Sanchez-Taylor
How Can You Be? by Jason Sanford
Words for Thought: Short Fiction Review by AC Wise

Interview with Author Renan Bernardo by Marissa van Uden
Interview with Author Margaret Dunlap by Marissa van Uden
Interview with Cover Artist Andrew McIntosh by Bradley Powers