Apex Magazine Issue 127 cover with a woman holding a light.

Apex Magazine Issue 127


Apex Magazine Issue 127

Strange. Beautiful. Shocking. Surreal.

APEX MAGAZINE is a digital dark science fiction and fantasy genre zine that features award-winning short fiction, essays, and interviews. Established in 2009, our fiction has won several Hugo and Nebula Awards.

We publish every other month.

Issue 127 contains the following short stories, essays, reviews, and interviews.

Musings from Maryland: Editorial by Lesley Conner

To Seek Himself Again by Marie Croke
This Shattered Vessel, Which Holds Only Grief by Izzy Wasserstein
In Haskins by Carson Winter
Whose Mortal Taste by Erin K. Wagner
Hank in the South Dakota Sun by Stephanie Kraner
I Call Upon the Night as Witness by Zahra Mukhi

Dogwood Stories by Nicole Givens Kurtz
Thresher of Men by Michael Boatman

Accost Me, SFF, and Waste My Time by Carlos Hernandez
The of Death of Captain Kirk: Why the Illusory Singularity of the White Hero Must Die by Gerald L. Coleman

Words for Thought: Short Fiction Review by A.C. Wise
How to Get to Apocalypse and Other Disasters (Erica L. Satifka)
The Necessity of Stars (E. Catherine Tobler)
Whitesands (Johann Thorsson)
The Martial Art of Writing and Other Essays (Alan Baxter)

An Interview with Author Marie Croke by Andrea Johnson
An Interview with Author Erin K. Wagner by Andrea Johnson
An Interview with Artist Magdalena Pagowska by Russ Dickerson


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