Apex Magazine Issue 123

Apex Magazine Issue 123


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Apex Magazine is a bi-monthly online and eBook literary genre zine with a focus on dark SF, dark fantasy, and horror short fiction. New issues are released on the first Tuesday of every other month.

Strange. Beautiful. Shocking. Surreal.

APEX MAGAZINE is a digital dark science fiction and fantasy genre zine that features award-winning short fiction, essays, and interviews. Established in 2009, our fiction has won several Hugo and Nebula Awards.

We publish every other month.

Issue 123 contains the following:

Editorial by Jason Sizemore

The Life & Death of Mia Fremont by A.K. Hudson
This Is the Moment, Or One of Them by Mari Ness
Throw Rug by Aurelius Raines II
Mishpokhe and Ash by Sydney Rossman-Reich
All This Darkness by Jennifer R. Donohue
DEMON FIGHTER SUCKS by Katherine Crighton

Doll Seed by Michele Tracy Berger
Uniform by Errick Nunnally

Interview with Author Jennifer R. Donohue by Andrea Johnson
Interview with Author A.K. Hudson by Andrea Johnson
Interview with Cover Artist Denis Zhbankov by Russell Dickerson

The Enduring Ensorcellment of King Arthur by Alex Bledsoe
Sex Is Great, But Have You Ever Seen Your Real-Life Relationship Depicted in Fiction by Nicole Kornher-Stace
Words for Thought: Short Fiction Reviews by A.C. Wise

Cover art by Denis Zhbankov.

Notice: This is a digital only product. You will receive a DRM-free eBook in four eBook formats (ePub, mobi, an ePub formatted to take advantage of the Kindle’s advanced typsetting feature, and PDF).