Where the Ocean Falls into Itself1 min read

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where the ocean falls into itself /in what we would consider adverse

conditions that include pressure, crushing cold, darkness/

the bioluminescence of you leaks into dreams —

bold through the world–layers /hybrid in its nature of mimicry&attraction/

no longer expelled through the application of pressure,

no longer shamed by the intensity

/of light produced and communicated in dense cells/


float in me

in this illumination of songs sunk in sea

blossom in my deep chasms that become air,

winds born in the cracks of that mountain–inversed

that I named Nimár when the world was young,

hear me crying from crevasses, see me spreading

wings of darkness, starry night,

embodied in bioluminescence

of the ocean rising up in me

the illumination of songs sunk in sea

that touch you to sing yours,

flesh unfolding windlike

from spaces never lost,


called home.

Rose Lemberg

Rose Lemberg

Rose Lemberg was born in Ukraine, and lived in subarctic Russia and Israel before immigrating to the US, where she works as a professor of Nostalgic and Marginal Studies. Her prose and poetry have appeared in Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Goblin Fruit, Unlikely Story, Daily Science Fiction, and other venues. She edits Stone Telling with Shweta Narayan. Rose has also edited two anthologies: Here, We Cross, a collection of queer and genderfluid poetry from Stone Telling (Stone Bird Press, 2012) and The Moment of Change, an anthology of feminist speculative poetry (Aqueduct Press, 2012). Rose can be found at roselemberg.net, her Livejournal blog, and on Twitter as @roselemberg.
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