Fallen among the stars

The light comes and I

Raise myself to it in welcome

A supplicant

My voice no longer my own.

I hear the howls of the Things-That-Are

Their maws snap and lunge

Vicious in anticipation

Looming near.

He steps forward, weapon drawn

I hold out my hand to him

To them

And they fall

From my whisper “Not now.”

I kneel beside his body prone

Lifeless eyes

A fallen sword

Among silent beasts

I stand.

I have come to claim

My own

My self



We are won.

LH Moore

LH Moore

LH Moore's stories, poetry and essays have appeared in numerous anthologies and publications such as FIYAH and Fireside. A historian who loves playing video games and classical guitar, you can find her online at lhmoorecreative.com or on Twitter @ElleHM.
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