Various Kinds of Wolves1 min read


J.J. Hunter
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here: have a red cap
or a red shirt
in this story you are the prettiest creature
or expendable
or both

have some accessories: a fresh-baked cake
a fresh act of heroism
a fresh-faced naiveté

have a pot of butter
and the good regard of your fellows
have some good intentions
and trust in your mother
your commanding officer
do as they say

have an impossible situation
where grandmother has lost her mind
or her body
or both

have death or an axe to kill her
have the kindness of strangers

the moral of the story is
your fault regardless
and also
no one is safe


  • J.J. Hunter

    J.J. Hunter lives by the motto, “Think like a scientist, dream like a poet.” In addition to some truly magnificent experimental pizza topping combinations over the years, this has led her to work in science education design, and to cultivate playful exploration of the bounds of things. J.J. makes her home in Boston, MA. She is the founder and co—admin of the online poetry discussion community POETREE @ Dreamwidth.

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