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Jawad Elhusuni
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If Tordesillas were Tur Disaala
And the ‘New World’ were Moorish
Would the yearning have been so tacit
for the treasures of an unknown empire
The sailing ships westward from Al-Ishbuna

Would the gold have been so tainted
Pizarro’s venture to El Dorado
A mosque in Cartagena
And a madrassa dedicated instead
To questioning the value of ‘yellow stones’

If Wounded Knee were Al-Rikba Almu’aafa
may not have left us
with a void.

Would it be Requerimiento
To accept the Pope’s ‘Holy Faith’
The vanquished slaves of Yucatan
instead as princes in the enclaves
of Gharbiyya

I wonder, if Pocahontas were Abu Qahanta
Would she have been so submissive
as a Powhatan speaking Muslima
Dying not in Kent
But settled, in Matoaka

  • Jawad Elhusuni

    Jawad Elhusuni is an architectural designer and writer from Libya. He has contributed political writing for the Sunday Tribune in Ireland, but prefers to write about history and architectural history and theory. He is currently working on a research project at the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL London to redesign and re-imagine new hygiene narratives for a future Marseille. Apart from architecture, he is greatly fascinated by the nuances of Islamic Law, Reason, Theology and History which he studies in Eastern Libya.

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