The Familiar1 min read

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Choosing a feline form, gray tabby.
Demon spirit seeps into sinew,
Commandeering the warm flesh.

Now, I may move among you …

Sucking the creamy breath,
From the infant’s fresh-formed lungs,
Grinning as the baby boy gasps his last.

Marking the maiden, the virgin, the bride,
Powerful piss shriveling her womb,
Rendering her infertile.

Scratching cryptic symbols,
On the door of a cozy cottage,
Thus welcoming the pox.

Hissing Sulphur secrets,
Into the husband’s sleeping ear,
Your wifey has a lover. Your brother.

Purring round the ankles of a little lass,
Luring her into the dense wood,
Leaving her lost in the gloom.

Sinking fangs into the fat, feathered throat,
Of the family’s lone hen,
Father must steal or children will starve.

Yowling to the Cheshire Moon,
While my mistress writhes naked,
I sing. She dances. With our Devil.

All in a night’s work,
For a familiar.

Donna Ison

Donna Ison

Donna Ison is an author, playwright, blogger, performance poet, and the former editor of skirt! Magazine. She is currently putting the finishing touches on her third novel The Queen of Hawthorn Holler and organizing the all-female performance troupe, Broad Brigade. Donna also writes historical drama for museums nationwide, produces socially-conscious theatre, and was a founder of The Sisters Provocateur. She recently edited and published Out: An Anthology of LGBTQIA Kentucky and won the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning’s flash fiction contest with her story, “To Dream of Tigers.” To learn more, visit her Bourbonista Blog at
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