Ten Little Zombies

Ten little zombies, standing in a line,

Ten little zombies, standing in a line,
One caught a headshot, now there are nine.

Nine little zombies, gathered at my garden gate,
One’s caught on the latch, leaving me with eight.

Eight little zombies, hear thunder from heaven,
Lightning fries the last one, so now there’s seven.

Seven little zombies, climb over a pile of bricks,
One breaks all his limbs, and that leaves six.

Six little zombies pass by a beehive,
Bees come out stinging, leaving just five.

Five little zombies, knocking at my door,
One falls off the porch, now I have four.

Four little zombies, coming upstairs for me,
One takes a tumble back down, leaves me three.

Three little zombies are still trouble, that’s true,
But !BOOM! goes my shotgun, now there’s two.

Two little zombies, still looking for some fun,
Last round of 12 gauge leaves behind one.

One little zombie, left all alone,
Until I bounce my gun butt off his skull bone.

No little zombies to give me trouble now,
Zombie fighting’s easy when you know how.

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