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Call to me, plugged and

Quivering as I am.

I’m yours, your

Scatterling. I’m a full–thrust and heaving

Creak of outer–skin.

It’s my fuselage that drums; a bent twist and yank at the entry.

You steer — you always have and I’m

Peppered with dirt from the

Last world, the

Lost world — we’ve just left it and already it doesn’t exist.

I’ve dropped from the black float

Here is the fall,

Terminal and swift. It shakes my bolts, tapping threads to unwinding

Though everything is bending deep, like a blind trip into

A forever of

Nothing more until we hit dirt and I

Cling, shuddering

To the loam.

Emma Osborne

Emma Osborne

Emma Osborne is a fiction writer and poet from Melbourne, Australia. Her poetry has been featured as an editor’s choice at Star*Line. Her fiction is out at Daily Science Fiction and is forthcoming at Aurealis and Shock Totem. The only way to shut her up is to put a book in front of her. She tweets as @redscribe.
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