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Celestial Mary (Galilean Daughter)

August 20, 2018


Sherese Francis is a southeast Queens-based poet, speculative fiction writer, blogger, workshop facilitator, and literary curator. She has published and will publish work in journals and anthologies including The Pierian Literary Review, Bone Bouquet, African Voices, Newtown Literary, Blackberry Magazine, Kalyani Magazine, and Near Kin: A Collection of Words and Arts Inspired by Octavia Butler. Additionally, she has published two chapbooks,Lucy’s Bone Scrolls and Variations on Sett/ling Seed/ling. Her current projects include her Afrofuturism-inspired blog, Futuristically Ancient; and her southeast Queens based popup bookshop/mobile library project, J. Expressions. For J. Expressions, she received a 2017 Queens Council on the Arts grant to do the Reading (W)Riting Remedy series, and was a finalist for the Honey & Wax Book Collecting Prize and Queens Soup.

“…Why stand ye gazing up into heaven?” — Acts 1:11

leo lady
bastard first child
of heliocentric mind
descendant of far seers
tracking movement of cosmic
arrested truth of a polymath
a messenger’s first announcement
of the kingdom of heaven
lineage of sea and cosmic rule
venus phases and jupiter moons
product of political autonomy
contested region of radicals
loosely connected body of God
locus of enlightened ministry
outsider disciple
quest/ion/ing devotee
exponential fish and bread
telescoping sermon on mount
sacrificial scapegoat of ignorance
jealousy and fear of being wrong

oooooooa here/tic: one with free will to choose
ooooooodis/urn/er of dogma
oooooodivine wil/l/d power
ooooooEgyptian Nun
oooooSynclaire sister
ooooPoor Clares habit
ooooex/peri/ment with parentage behind
ooooget to know the universe with wisdom hovering
oooplay the invisible harmonies of established structure
oooplayer of contraction of arabic wood
oooapothecary mistress
oothe healer who couldn't heal herself
oonot enough funds to heal self
oostale bread, sour wine, sacrificial ox
oolack of pomegranate cure
oofor waste, blood and mucus
oorecorded death at 33
ooname original meaning of virginal
olady valuable to herself
ofree independent woman

when woman meant not married
woman not possessed by man
woman possessed by herself
moons do cause tides
rebel/le against father
but still support him
still craft his existence
to be remembered
after death
like a messiah
who knew a woman
of exquisite mind
singular goodness
most tenderly attached

© Sherese Francis


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