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Alice Dryden
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What was I before? I was a stockbroker

And a stockbroker’s dog — Mischa is my name.

No! I am new now.

I call me Vanya.

When the flash came we were fused, fur grained to bare skin

Not melted but melded. I emerged

Hairy, magnificent, ears erect

In a new world of new people.

Did life always smell this good?

May I mate without guilt now? Is that thing my tail?

How much more comfortable fur is than clothes!

I may not leap and run so good, but wow!

The stuff I reach on two legs, touch with my pawfingers, think with my brain!

Oh! lucky, lucky, lucky to be a dog!

Luckier than the bunnymen, the mole— and volefolk

Tunneling the earthy richness of the woods.

Luckier far than those who merged with cats,

though serve them right for having one in the first place!

What was I before?

I was only half alive.


  • Alice Dryden

    Alice Dryden writes stories and poems about talking animals. Most are published within the furry fandom under the name Huskyteer, but occasionally one escapes into the wild. She has a degree in Classics, a qualification in Advanced Motorcycling, and a fondness for Dutch gin. And, right now, a proud mum. Find her on Twitter at @Huskyteer.

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