You will need the riper gem–flowers,
those that grow on cliff faces
around this time of the year;
they attach to flesh easier.

You can moisten them with your tongue;
this does not start the bonding process.

You need to break the skin before application —
we recommend an obsidian knife.

Gently pull apart the edges of the wound
and press the gem–flower in.
It lodges in a few minutes.
Pain is helpful,
as is a release of endorphins.
Instruct the recipient to keep breathing.

The recipient might experience
exuberant behavior;
good communication is essential.
Do not forget about restraints.

Skin discolorations near the application site are possible;
do not be alarmed by the opaque silver veins.

Gem–flowers harden in two hours,
but to ensure optimal attachment,
avoid direct impact to the site for 60 days.

The gem–flowers are immediately ready
for magical use after application.
Purely decorative use is not endorsed
but is not, strictly speaking, disallowed.