Episode #39: The Warrior Boy Who Would Not Suffer1 min read

By Abhinav Bhat | Narrated by Mahvesh Murad

”The Warrior Boy Who Would Not Suffer”—published in Apex Magazine issue 88, September 2016.  

Read it here: https://apex-magazine.com/the-warrior-boy-who-would-not-suffer/

Abhinav Bhat is a writer from Jammu & Kashmir, India. He has jumped without a parachute. A fantasy novel popped out some way down, followed by a few short stories, one of which you are reading. We’ll let you know whether he goes splat or flies. He can be contacted midair at [email protected].

This Apex Magazine Podcast was performed and produced by Mahvesh Murad. Music used with kind permission of BenSound.com!

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