Episode #32: The Four Gardens of Fate1 min read

By Betsy Phillips | Narrated by Lisa Shininger

“The Four Gardens of Fate”—Published in Apex Magazine issue 81, February 2016.

Read it here: https://apex-magazine.com/the-four-gardens-of-fate/

Betsy Phillips’s short stories have appeared in Betwixt, Beyond Borderlands, Eurynome, and Qarrtsiluni, as well as various anthologies. She is the author of A City of Ghosts and The Wolf’s BaneApex Magazine was the first place to publish her, a fact she has never forgotten. Neither have her detractors. She lives in Whites Creek, Tennessee with a mean cat, a grouchy cat, and a dog who recently tried to steal a truck.

This Apex Magazine Podcast was performed and produced by Lisa Shininger. Music used with kind permission of Oh, Alchemy!

Apex Magazine Podcast, Copyright Apex Publications.

  • Betsy Phillips

    Betsy Phillips is a writer from Whites Creek, Tennessee. She doesn’t actually live under a rock in a cave, but she does live under a thick layer of fur shed from a dog that once ate her neighbor’s fancy cheeseball and half her neighbor’s crackers in the brief time it took her to ask herself, “Did the dog get out of the house just then?” Her fiction has appeared here in Apex Magazine, in F&SF, and other places. Her website is betsyphillips.net and you can find her on Twitter at @auntb.

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