Episode #24: Inhabiting Your Skin1 min read

By Mari Ness | Narrated by Lisa Shininger

“Inhabiting Your Skin”—Published in Apex Magazine issue 73, June 2015.

Read it here: https://apex-magazine.com/inhabiting-your-skin/

Mari Ness has published fiction and poetry in multiple venues, including Tor.com, Clarkesworld, Daily Science Fiction, and right here at Apex Magazine. You can follow her official blog at marikness.wordpress.com, or on Twitter as @mari_ness. She lives in central Florida, where she is still trying to figure out how to program the convection oven/microwave.

This Apex Magazine Podcast was performed and produced by Lisa Shininger. Music used with kind permission of Oh, Alchemy!

Apex Magazine Podcast, Copyright Apex Publications.

  • Mari Ness

    Other works by Mari Ness appear in Tor.com, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Nightmare, Uncanny, Fireside, Diabolical Plots, Translunar Travelers Lounge, Strange Horizons, Daily Science Fiction, and in previous issues of Apex Magazine. Her essay collection, Resistance and Transformation: On Fairy Tales, is available from Aqueduct Press, and her poetry novella, Through Immortal Shadows Singing, from Papaveria Press. For more, visit her infrequently updated website and blog at marikness.wordpress.com, or follow her on Twitter at @mari_ness. She lives in central Florida.

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