Episode #79: Eilam Is Forever

By Beth Dawkins | Narrated by Summer Fletcher

“Eilam Is Forever” — published in Apex Magazine, issue 124, July 2021.

Read it here: https://apex-magazine.com/eilam-is-forever

Beth Dawkins grew up on front porches, fighting imaginary monsters with sticks, and building castles out of square hay bales. She currently lives in Northeast Georgia with her partner in crime and their offspring. She can be found on Twitter @BethDawkins.

Summer Fletcher is the host and assistant editor of PodCastle. When not writing their own stories, they can be found enjoying impractical things like fancy pastry or shooting arrows from horseback. More at https://summerfletcher.com.

This Apex Magazine podcast was produced by KT Bryski. Theme music by Alex White. Other music in this podcast includes “Fanfare for Space,” “Spacial Winds,” “Space Xplorers,” “Night Vigil,” “Stay the Course” and “Shadowlands 4 – Breath,” all by Kevin MacLeod and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Some sounds in this podcast provided by the Free Sound Project. Find out more at www.freesound.org.

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