Episode #77: The Life & Death of Mia Fremont: An Interview with a Killer1 min read

By A.K. Hudson | Narrated by Veronica Giguere and Jackie Mahoney

“The Life & Death of Mia Fremont: An Interview with a Killer,” published in Apex Magazine, issue 123, May 2021.

Read it here: https://apex-magazine.com/the-life-death-of-mia-fremont-an-interview-with-a-killer/ 

A. K. Hudson lives in the Pacific Northwest where she works for a video game developer by day and writes speculative fiction by night. Her stories have appeared in various anthologies, including the 2019 Sirens Benefit Anthology. You can find her geeking out over fantasy novels and punctuating her posts with Schitt’s Creek memes on Twitter @TheAKHudson.

Our narrators this month are Veronica Giguere and Jackie Mahoney.

Veronica Giguere (V.) is a storyteller of the spoken and written word. She narrates across genres, but her favorites are science fiction and fantasy. Her passion for science and innovation shines in her roles as audiobook narrator, science fiction author, podcast producer, and forever-geeky mom. Find her at http://www.voicesbyveronica.com/

Jackie Mahoney is a Toronto-based actor, producer and writer who specializes in historic performance. Over the course of the pandemic, Jackie has digitally performed aboard the RMS Carpathia and produced a series of holiday-themed radio plays in support of local non-profits and charities called “The Twelve Plays of the Holidays.” She works as an actor and show designer with Live History, an internationally touring interactive historic theatre company, and as a historic actor at Black Creek Pioneer Village and with the Gibson house Museum.

This Apex Magazine podcast was produced by KT Bryski. Theme music by Alex White. Other music in this podcast includes “Ossuary 1 – A Beginning,” “Spatial Harvest,” and “Morgana Rides,” all by Kevin MacLeod and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. Learn more at www.incompetech.com.

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