Episode 97: The Big Glass Box and the Boys Inside1 min read

Isabel J. Kim is a Korean-American speculative fiction writer based in New York City. She is a Shirley Jackson Award winner and her short fiction has been published in Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, and Strange Horizons, among others. When she’s not writing, she’s either practicing law or co-hosting her internet culture podcast Wow if True —both equally noble pursuits. Find her at http://isabel.kim/ or @isabeljkim on Twitter.

Julian Maclurg is a queer, trans writer, director, and voice actor. He has a first-class degree in creative writing and grew up attending theatre and music schools. Above all, he’s a storyteller and a writer, and couldn’t be more excited to share a story he’s so passionate about.  He helms The Night Shift Podcast, an urban fantasy queer led audio drama about a barista entangled trying to unearth the darkness of Echor City.  He’s on twitter @gunpowderstars and the show can be found at www.nightshiftpod.com

This Apex Magazine podcast was produced by Alli Nesbit.  Theme music by Alex White.  Music in this episode is by Alli Nesbit.
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