PODCAST EP. 71: Professor Strong and the Brass Band Boys

Season 1 Episode 71

Professor strong and the brass boys
by Amal Singh

Lispector Strong seems fairly content with ris life as a history professor, until one of ris students ask what rhe does for leisure. Under the rules of their society, droids like Professor Strong are not allowed leisure. This leads rhim to a lot of soul searching, and eventually to music, and an understanding that droids are perhaps not treated fairly under the current laws.

Host & Producer

KT Bryski


Dave Robison


Professor Strong and the Brass Boys by Amal Singh


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About This Episode

Amal Singh is a professional screenwriter currently living in Mumbai, India. His web-shows are on YouTube, while his fiction has appeared in Syntax & Salt, Truancy, Mithila Review, among others. He is constantly in search of meaning in life and drowns his sorrows in copious amounts of tea.

This Apex Magazine podcast was produced by KT Bryski. Music in this podcast includes "Backbay Lounge," "Basement Floor," "Bicycle," "Covert Affair," "Dances and Dames," "Egmont Overture Finale," "I Knew a Guy," "Pure Attitude," "Smoother Move," "Too Cool," and "Waltz, Tchaikovsky Op. 40," all by Kevin MacLeod and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. For more information, visit him at www.incompetech.com. This podcast also includes "E Pari Ra," "The Turtle Dove," and Thomas Tallis's "O Nata Lux," all within the public domain and performed by KT Bryski. Other music created and performed by KT Bryski. Some sounds in this podcast provided by the Free Sound Project. Find out more at www.freesound.org.

Our narrator for this episode is Dave Robison. Dave is a passionate Literary and Vocal Alchemist (and unrepentant nerd) whose creative ADHD prompts him to pursue a wide range of projects. He’s narrated dozens of stories for audio fiction podcasts, brainstormed hundreds of story ideas with some of the stellar luminaries of the literary firmament, designed board games, and created software platforms. If it celebrates the storyteller’s craft in some way, shape, or form, Dave has either done it, is doing it, or will do it. Dave is also the creator of ARCHIVOS, a new web-based story development tool for storytellers. Check it out at https://archivos.digital.

Apex Magazine podcast, copyright Apex Publications.

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