Season 1 Episode 66


by Kristi DeMeester

When girls are born, their lips are sewn shut to keep them silent, a prerequisite to making the fine lace that their families depend on for income. While boys run wild in the fields and under the night sky, girls stay inside, without names.

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KT Bryski


Veronica Giguere

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With Lips Sewn Shut by Kristi DeMeester


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About This Episode

Kristi DeMeester is the author of Beneath, a novel published by Word Horde Publications, and Everything That’s Underneath, a short fiction collection from Apex Books. Her short fiction has appeared in approximately forty magazines, including Ellen Datlow's The Year's Best Horror Volume 9, Stephen Jones' Best New Horror, Year’s Best Weird Fiction Volumes 1, 3, and 5, in addition to publications such as Black Static, Pseudopod, and several others. In her spare time, she alternates between telling people how to pronounce her last name and how to spell her first. Find her online at

This Apex Magazine podcast was produced by KT Bryski. Music in this podcast includes "Lone Harvest" and "Magic Forest," both by Kevin MacLeod and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. For more information, visit him at Other sounds in this podcast provided by the Free Sound Project. Find out more at

Our narrator for this episode is Veronica Giguere. Veronica (V.) is a storyteller of the spoken and written word. She narrates across genres, but her favorites are science fiction and fantasy. Her passion for science and innovation shines in her roles as audiobook narrator, science fiction author, podcast producer, and forever-geeky mom.

As a recovering academic with a passion for science and innovation, she uses her love of learning and appreciation of writing to fuel her audiobook narration. Spending fifteen years in higher education has taught her that there is something to learn from every story, be it fiction or nonfiction. You could say that she traded a university classroom for a recording studio, and narration is her path to lifelong learning.

According to her fellow Secret World Chronicle coauthors, she writes about metahumans battling alien fascists in modern-day Atlanta. According to her kids, she makes funny noises into a microphone and take breaks to run, crochet, and play video games. And according to her husband, she is addicted to coffee and Star Wars.

Apex Magazine podcast, copyright Apex Publications.

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