Rhianna asks …

Do you guys experience the “nobody around me likes the same kind of books as me” problem? There are so many books I love that I can’t talk about because nobody else seems to know they exist.

Brea: Um. Yes. Have you looked at my Goodreads? I’ll have a table for one at the post-apocalyptic, space-filled, female-adventure, scary-but-not-spooky, YA-but-not-too-young category. While there seem to be enough books to foot the bill on my weird loves, there aren’t exactly a lot of other people clamoring for this specific book type.

Mallory: Every reader experiences this problem! Even if there are things you like that are popular and have lots of fans, like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, there’s bound to be a corner of your fandom that feels lonely. Maybe you have a very specific type of book you love or an obscure author you’re crazy about. I personally have a weird obsession with fiction that takes place in swamps. No matter what kind of book you love, you’re not alone! Years ago, you had to endure your nerdy loneliness, but now you have the greatest friend-finding tool in the world: The Internet. Through the power of social media, you can find your fellow readers. Pick a book you love and do some searching. Look at the Goodreads page for the book, or search for it on Litsy, or Twitter, or Instagram. You are guaranteed to find someone talking about that book. Reach out to them!

Brea: I agree that the age of the Internet has made weird fandoms less lonely. I also think you should embrace your uniqueness. Someone took the time to write these books, so that person likes exactly what you like. And let me tell you, I bet that author is wondering who likes their stuff as well. It always feels good to get a fan letter, and maybe it’s time you wrote one just to tell your favorite author that you appreciate their work. Just a quick email is fine! I think after you do, you will feel more a part of a community—even if it’s just a community of two.

Mallory: Even though it feels lonely, this situation is an opportunity. After you have emailed the author, expand that community of two. When life gives you lemons, make some nerds. Recommend the books you love to friends! Get it for someone as a gift! Join a book club and suggest a title you love to the group! Post about the books on social media! It sucks that no one you know seems to realize these books exist … but you can fix that. Someone you know could potentially love these books. You just need to tell them!