May asks:
I would like to read more outside of home, like at cafes and such. But I find it difficult to get up and go when I can read at home. What can I do to overcome this?

Mallory: It’s spring—time to get some vitamin D! Reading outside and out of your home is a great way to prevent yourself from becoming a mole person while still getting your reading done. But finding time to actually get outside can be tough. It’s easy to procrastinate when something is up in the air. Try scheduling a book date … with yourself! Putting it on the calendar with a specific time can help motivate you to get out there. “Thursday, lunchtime, new Ann Leckie book.” Boom! You’ll feel accomplished, motivated, and get a little fresh air, all at once.

Brea: I totally hear this. At home, my house is always distracting me with dirty laundry, cluttered shelves, and, let’s be real, TV. I agree with Mallory. I know self-care is the number one topic for bloggers who don’t know what to blog about anymore, but those bloggers are right (even if they are a little repetitive). If you like to read outside of your house, make it a priority to do it. Chances are if you like reading outside your home better than in your home, it means you actually do it outside your home. And reading more is always better!

Mallory: Okay, so you’re ready to get out. But it can be hard to justify paying for a coffee so you can sit and read in a cafe when you can do it for free at home, without pants on. There are a myriad of places that you can read without having to get a fancy beverage. Looking hip at Starbucks isn’t your only option! Try reading at the library—inside in a reading room or outside on a bench if it’s nice out. Read in a park or at a free, local museum. See what your town has to offer in the way of beautiful public spaces. You might be surprised! You do have to wear pants, though.

Brea: Another thing to try is to bring your book everywhere. That way, if you have an hour to kill while your friend is late to brunch or between dropping off and picking up your kid, don’t play on Instagram. Find a nice little cafe, park, whatever, and read your book. You’ll get reading time in and you’ll be away from home already. It’s a two for two! If you’re reading a huge, doorstop book, may I suggest carrying around a little book of poetry or short stories or an Apex Magazine? Because, honestly, what is a better way to spend just 20 minutes than sipping a latte reading a sci-fi story?