June 2, 2015


Originally from Liverpool, UK, John Paul Davies now lives in County Meath, Ireland, where he is an active member of Crow Road Writers (Twitter: @crow_rd_writers). His work has been published in The Fog Horn, Rosebud, The Pedestal, Grasslimb, Pseudopod, Ares Magazine, QU Literary Magazine, and is forthcoming from Grain Magazine. A poem of his is displayed in the finest pub in Liverpool, The Ship & Mitre.

In the early days when you first went into space, aboard a space station, you spent time with trained astronauts. How did their company impact on your initial sojourn beyond the Earth?

~~~||~ |~~ ~||

While on the space station you helped to facilitate an experiment in which you attempted to construct a web in zero gravity. Your first attempts were fairly dismal. Did this in any way diminish your sense of identity as a house spider?


Eventually you not only succeeded but developed a new web design suited to gravity-free environments. As a result we realised that house spiders cope far better with zero gravity than humans. Was this when you began to realise your superiority over us?

~~ ~~||~ ~~ ~~ ~~|~ ~~~|||~ ~ ~ ||~ ~~||~ ~~~|||||~~~|

Sometime after returning to Earth you were cloned and re-engineered into your current omni-immortal state and were at the forefront of web rocket and web space-city architectural design. You are currently building an elastic bridge between Mercury and Venus. How insignificant do you consider us now?

~~ |~| ~~ ||

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.


© John W. Sexton

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