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Welcome to issue 74!

This month we have an edgy SF exploration of gender and sexuality in Rich Larson’s “Going Endo.” I suspect the story might not be to the tastes of some readers. For example, read the opening lines:

They say the reason it’s mostly fems who go endo is because of the whole penetration thing, like us sirs can’t handle the wet interface, but once on leave I got my face pulped in a blood-brawl at Decker’s Draughts & Dopamine, and since the autosurgeon took five whole hours putting my jaw back together I woke up with a supersize catheter stuffed up my cock. Going endo can’t be worse than that, I don’t think.

That’s imagery that sticks. It’s like Larson has tapped into a David Cronenberg hallucination.

In A.A. Balaskovits’s provocative story “All Who Tremble” the author paints the page with dark imagination. It has the feeling of a fairy tale in voice and style, but only if fairy tales are strange and dark and twisted. “Never Chose This Way” by Shira Lipkin makes a nice bookend to Larson’s “Going Endo.” When you’ve read both, you’ll understand what I mean.

Our reprint this month is “The River” by adrienne maree brown. We have a fascinating near-epic poem named “How the World was Made—A Super Crown” by Roger Bonair-Agard. Charlotte Ashley reviews the Hugo Award short fiction nominees. Andrea Johnson interviews Rich Larson about “Going Endo.” Russell Dickerson interviews our cover artist Carly Sorge. Finally, Mark Allen Gunnells returns with his essay “How Horror Made Me More Empathetic.”

We have two excerpts this month. The first is from the hilariously titled “The War Against the Assholes” by Sam Munson. The other is by a name familiar to readers of this magazine… “For Exposure: The Life and Times of a Small Press Publisher” by Jason Sizemore.

Apex wishes to congratulate Ursula Vernon. Her story “Jackalope Wives” won the Nebula Award for Best Short Story! “Jackalope Wives” has also earned a Cóyotl Award nomination for Best Short Story. It is gratifying to see such a talented and wonderful person receiving so many accolades!

Jason Sizemore

Jason Sizemore

Jason Sizemore

Jason Sizemore is the owner and editor-in-chief of Apex Magazine and the Apex Book Company. You can follow him online via his Twitter feed @apexjason.
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