Welcome to issue 84!

This month we’re publishing Stephen Cox’s “1957,” a favorite of managing editor Lesley Conner. It’s a singularly entertaining “timey-wimey” tale about loss and second chances, and if you’re like Lesley, it will demand to read a second time as soon as you finish it. In “Cottage Country” by David K. Yeh, we’re dropped into a snowy world filled with talking foxes, dangerous fairies, and a complex relationship between our main character and his grandfather. Maggie Slater marks her professional debut with “The Behemoth Beaches,” a wicked morality tale of the abused inexplicably given the upper hand. This one will make you wonder who the true monsters really are.

Rounding out our fiction selections is a novelette reprint by Lavie Tidhar (“The Drowned Celestial”) and an excerpt from the novel Freeze/Thaw by Chris Bucholz (coming from Apex Publications this month).

Poetry this month is by FJ Bergmann (“Jubilee”), Ken Poyner (“Before the Empire Goes Inter-Galactic”), Janna Layton (“Mammon’s Cave”), and Christina Sng (“The Perfect Planet”).

Andrea Johnson interviews our featured author Stephen Cox giving us just a little more insight into this strange, twisting tale, and Russell Dickerson interviews the talented Robert Carter, who provides the cover art this month.

The Apex Magazine podcast selection this month is Stephen Cox’s “1957.”


Also included this month is an important blog post Lesley Conner wrote for the Apex Magazine website. The post, titled “Gender Equality in Apex Magazine”, was penned in response to a reader comment made last month expressing dissatisfaction with issue 83’s heavy slant to male authors. It’s an excellent “behind the scenes” of how the bread is made.


If you’ve not heard it yet, get on over to the Redshift podcast to listen to their audio dramatization of Kate Elliott’s “My Voice is in My Sword” (Apex Magazine, Issue 45). We’ve partnered with the Redshift Audio Group to bring you exclusive audio dramatizations of select Apex stories. You can find Redshift at this url: https://www.fancypantsgangsters.com/show-category/redshift/.

Until next month!

Jason Sizemore