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Welcome to issue 80!

You’ll note that the amount of content in this month’s Apex Magazine is … well, astounding: six original works (including a novelette by Ursula Vernon), seven poems, two reprints, and a nonfiction article. Much of this additional content was provided as reward goals for our successful subscription drive held in mid to late November. Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

The crown jewel of issue 80 is the novelette “The Tomato Thief” by Ursula Vernon. For fans of her Nebula Award-winning story “Jackalope Wives” take note—“The Tomato Thief” is set in the same universe and is an indirect sequel. Also in this issue, we have a second original story by Ursula titled “Razorback” that will remind our readers of her excellent “Pocosin” from issue 68.

Lettie Prell, one of my favorite writers, makes a triumphant return to our pages with the disconcerting “The Open-Hearted.” Also returning is Nigerian author Chikodili Emelumadu with “Soursop.” We welcome newcomers Jennifer Hykes (“Bones of the World”) and Carrie Cuinn (“That Lucky Old Sun”) to the pages of Apex.

Thanks to the subscription drive, our poetry is loaded. We have work by Samson Stormcrow Hayes, Zebulon Huset, Anton Rose, Greg Leunig, Annie Neigebauer, J.J. Hunter, and a special piece from our poetry editor Bianca Spriggs.

Stoker Award winner Lucy A. Snyder contributes a smart essay titled “An Exploration of Racism in Heart of Darkness,” making us reconsider and take a hard look at novels that have been give the mantle of ‘classic.’ We have a reprint from Ferrett Steinmetz (“Riding Atlas”) and a novelette reprint via Dave Creek (“Kutraya’s Skies”).

There are a whole suite of interviews: authors Ursula Vernon, Lettie Prell, and Chikodili Emelumadu, and artist Matt Davis.

For our podcast, Lisa Shininger narrates “Razorback”.

What a way to kick off 2016!


I made a decision in 2015 to sunset The Book of Apex series. These anthologies collected all the original fiction published in Apex Magazine. While I often heard from readers that they desired the option to read the zine in print, the books did not sell well.

As an alternative, Lesley Conner and I have curated some of our favorite works into an occasional all-encompassing anthology titled Best of Apex Magazine. The first volume comes out this month. It contains 21 stories, including four selected by our readers, that are considered among our best.

I hope you’ll check it out.


This issue should keep you busy during January. Enjoy your reading!

Jason Sizemore


Jason Sizemore

Jason Sizemore

Jason Sizemore is the owner and editor-in-chief of Apex Magazine and the Apex Book Company. You can follow him online via his Twitter feed @apexjason.
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